The internet today offers an overwhelming amount of still growing resources such as websites, images, texts, and videos. The resulting Big Data Problem does not only consist of the handling of this immense volume of data. Moreover, data needs to be processed, cleaned, and presented in a user-friendly, graphical way.

The VANDA project addresses the challenges summarized in the four V’s: Volume (huge data amounts in the range of tera and peta bytes), Velocity (the speed in which data is created, processed, and analysed), Variety (the different heterogeneous data types, sources, and formats), Veracity (authenticity and validity of data).

Big Data driven interfaces in the VANDA project combine suitable backend and frontend technologies as well as automatic and semi-automatic approaches in order to analyse data in various business contexts. An important aspect is human intervention in developing and training machine learning algorithms (human in the loop).


Glyphs are small independent visual objects that map each data attribute to graphical attribute, such as size, shape, color and orientation. Its major strength is that patterns involving more than three dimensions can be more readily perceived and subsets of dimensions can form composite visual features that are easy to recognize.

We propose this visualization technique with different levels of detail to the problem of analyzing the features involved in clustering algorithms. Our concept relies on a mapping of each data item to a color-coded pixel in a scatterplot that is computed using Multidimensional Scaling. The resulting clusters are first explored by a data analyst, who then selects subsets or small clusters for detailed inspection. Once the amount of data items is reduced, another level of detail in the form of glyphs is presented for an in-depth analysis.


Presentation of VANDA Project at Round Table of Visual Engineering

The VANDA team seized the opportunity to present the current research of the project at the 20th installation of the Round Table of Visual Engineering (Runder Tisch der Technischen Visualistik). The event was entitled “Learning in a Sea of Data” and was opened by Prof. Rainer Groh, who looked back on the 19 prior events. …

AVI 2018 Workshop on Visual Interfaces for Big Data Environments in Industrial Applications

On 29 May 2018, we will organize a workshop at the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2018) in Castiglione della Pescaia (Italy). The workshop targets Visual Big Data Interfaces in industrial contexts such as e-commerce, e-learning and business intelligence. It addresses interfaces for three different user groups: data scientists, data workers and end users. The …