Posters at IEEE InfoVis 2018

We are proud to be presenting two posters at IEEE InfoVis in Berlin this year. Mandy Keck, Dietrich Kammer, and Rainer Groh present Visual Version Comparison of Multidimensional Data Sets using Glyphs. When working with a given high-dimensional data set, data analysts often use different machine-learning algorithms to calculate clusters and classifications. However, it is difficult to ascertain which differences occur across these algorithm versions. For a human-readable visualization, dimensionality reduction methods are used to achieve two-dimensional mappings. In previous work, we proposed to use glyphs to support analysis tasks in these two-dimensional plots. In this paper, we investigate novel glyph-based strategies that can be used for comparison tasks. We present two interface concepts that can be applied on fixed and varying position data to compare different versions of machine-learning algorithms.

Mandy Keck, Alexander Maasch, Romy Bürger chemmedia, and Rainer Groh address Visualizing Learning Experiences Using Conversation Flows Conversation training is an e-learning method for the transfer of communication-related skills. With the increasing complexity of these conversations, such as length or structure, combined with the number of learners, the evaluation and analysis of the resulting data set become a challenging task. In this paper, we present a visualization approach based on Sankey diagrams that allows the analysis of complex conversation training data sets.