Presentation of VANDA Project at Round Table of Visual Engineering

The VANDA team seized the opportunity to present the current research of the project at the 20th installation of the Round Table of Visual Engineering (Runder Tisch der Technischen Visualistik). The event was entitled “Learning in a Sea of Data” and was opened by Prof. Rainer Groh, who looked back on the 19 prior events. In the introductory talk, Dietrich Kammer and Mandy Keck addressed the foundations of Visual Analytics Interfaces for Big Data Environments.


Vivien Mast from Mercateo AG in Leipzig talked about Active Learning for Record Linkage and how visual interfaces could assist this approach in the future


Next, Thomas Thom from deecoob Technology GmbH in Dresden explained how high-quality training data for machine learning can be obtained efficiently.


Alexander Maasch from chemmedia AG addressed how event streams in e-learning can be handled and used to support both learners and tutors.

Finally, the VANDA team joined the exchange with the over 40 attendees of the event during a poster session with 7 posters, where members of the VANDA team also supplied a poster about the Glyphboard demonstrator.